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We have a selection of hand-roasted coffee varieties. Whether you are new to coffee or are looking for a specific flavour profile, we have one (or more) that will soon become your firm favourite.

Our hand-roasted Blue Door Blend is everyone’s favourite!

It never changes.

Always perfect. Always delicious.

I have measured out my life with spoons of coffee.

T.S. Eliot

A little bit About Us

Today we feature

Dewald van der Westhuizen

Dewald, originally from Pretoria, started his coffee journey like most, enjoying a mega Wimpy cappuccino with two sugars. Back then, this was considered to be COFFEE.

As his father started roasting, Dewald’s pallet became far more refined. The sugar quantity was reduced to nothing and he started appreciating the artisanal aspect, as well as the process of making the coffee. And so his journey into the world of coffee began.

A few years on, Dewald is constantly learning and trying to spread as much joy as possible, ‘one cup at a time.’ A well prepared cup, made from the heart, truly is like a ‘hug in a mug’.

Dewald van der Westhuizen

The Blue Door Blend

Morning or afternoon, our Blue Door Blend is the best choice.

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How to drink your Coffee

Coffee is good when you can drink it without milk and sugar and enjoy it. When prepared properly it will be neither sour nor bitter but sweet with a beautiful finish (i.e., after taste). You see, milk and sugar hide the coffee & shows the imperfections. So, if you...

Our customers spill the beans …

One of the 5 best in the world

I’ve been in South Africa for 9 months and am originally from San Francisci, California, USA. Blue Door can go toe-to-toe with any of the 3rd-wave shops in all of the United States!

Scott C Smith | 30 April 2020 | Facebook review

The best coffee in Simon's Town, and in the Cape

What a discovery! Blue Door Coffee Roasters are world class coffee connoisseurs. They buy beans from select sources, roast them to perfection on the premises, grind the beans freshly and with precision and artfully produce an absolutely fantastic coffee. They are a class act: we are discerning cofffee drinkers and were very impressed. If you love coffee, head to Blue Door Coffee Roasters, you will not be disappointed!

Tripadvisor | 6 February 2018 | Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Quick stop - PERFECT

My friend and I were on our way to see the penguins – we were in urgent need of a Latte and found this little gem. Service was quick and the Barista’s were friendly, helpful and added some humour to our day.

Would recommed this little awesome find to all who are in the area.

Tripadvisor | 22 July 2018 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Great coffee, relaxing atmosphere

Located in the new Glencairn Mall, this cafe has a good range of local & imported coffees for you to taste. Beans, ground-to-measure and coffee makers are available to purchase. Staff were great. Highly recommended.

Tripadvisor | 5 February 2019 | Brisbane, Australia

Great experience, great coffee

This is the best coffee place we have found in the area. It has a great local buzz, enthusiastic staff, is immaculately clean … and above all, terrific coffee. Perhaps a brand to watch!

Tripadvisor | 28 February 2019 | Guernsey, United Kingdom

Best Espresso of our trip to ZA

The usual tourist in South Africa takes home a wooden giraffe or something like that as a souvenir, I guess. I took home some cofee beans from Blue Door Coffee Roasters. That good is the coffee there. In South Africa you can find good coffee everywhere … but it’s just good. Here I found a real Espresso which also tasted fantastic.

Tripadvisor | 24 March 2019 | Winterthur, Switzerland

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