How it all started

Our travels took us around the world, to places like Guatemala and Kenya where some of the best coffee is produced in its raw, berry form.

We fell in love with good coffee and wanted to bring that coffee, and its profound flavours, home to our friends and customers. We opened a small roastery, up a cobble-stone alley in Simon’s Town. There we started roasting small batches of beans, keeping in mind that we only wanted to offer the best Single-Origin Coffee.

Our friends and customers loved our coffee. They started coming from far and wide to get “the best coffee in Cape Town”.

We soon realised that we were going to need to relocate in order to make it easier for all of our friends to get their favourite Blue Door Coffee beans. Today we are located in Harbour Bay Mall, a stone-throw away from Simon’s Town.

Meet the team

We have an amazing team of people. They are all involved in every aspect of our business and each one is worth their weight in gold.


Manager, and all-rounder


Barista, Hippie






Cleaner, and Sandwich Queen


Cleaner, and General All-rounder

“It is easy to find a good coffee, but to find coffee you desire is a relentless search”


Pop in for a cuppa

Join us for a delicious coffee at our shop or find us on Social Media.