How does Load shedding effect the workplace?

Dec 17, 2019
Blue Door Coffee and loadshedding ... a winning combo

We at Blue Door are as annoyed, frustrated and disappointed as you are when the notification pops up saying that one, load shedding is back; and two, that it affects us and you in what we could say to be our crucial hours.

Unfortunately, this is the hand that we’ve been dealt and we’ll just have to make the best of it until it’s time for the next, hopefully, better hand!

So, how does it affect us?

We can’t make use of our espresso machine. What that means is no Flat Whites, no Americanos, no hot chocolate and no tea. Basically no access to boiling water.

So with three-quarters of the menu out of reach, here is what we can still do for you!

Offer wonderful, friendly, banter-filled service, guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. We can pour you a cup of our finest filter coffee that we brew minutes before the darkness befalls us, ensuring it’s fresh, warm and tames any coffee craving that you may have.

There are enough sweets and treats to make any person go bananas, a carrot cake for the health-conscious – it’s basically a salad 😉

For the cold, we have thirst-quenching juices, water – bubbly or not – and some Happy Culture kombucha! Perfect if your gut needs some TLC!

Beans as far as the eye can see, ready to be taken home, somewhere where they’ll feel safe, that is before being mauled and ingested at your discretion 😀

And the icing on the cake?

Two and a half hours of witty comments, cheeky comebacks and quality conversation, free of charge 🙂

We pride ourselves on our coffee! But building a lasting relationship with our clients is what we strive for!

First, we have a conversation. Then, we enjoy coffee.

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