Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf


From: Sidamo, Ethiopia ( Naturally decaffeinated with the Co2 process)

Flavour Profiles: Hint of almonds, a buttery body, a well-rounded acidity as well as vanilla flavours.

Full Description

The decaffeination process works as follows. The green beans are soaked in water which causes them to double in size. The caffeine that was trapped in the bean is dissolved into the water. The soaked beans go into huge stainless steel extraction vessels, which are then tightly sealed. Liquid CO2 is pumped into the beans at enormous pressure. The CO2 acts as a solvent, absorbing the caffeine. Once the beans are caffeine-free, they are strained, dried and ready to be roasted.

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2 reviews for The Blend

  1. Eric

    Best blend in Cape Town. I have tried a lot of them over the years and Blue Door just keeps topping the pile.

  2. Eric

    Best blend in Cape Town. Have tried most of them over the years and Blue Door really is good

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