OKJA – Oat Milk


Oat M*lk

  • Water
  • Italian oats (14%)
  • Sunflower oil
  • Calcium & sea salt

Full Description

Here’s a little run-down of each ingredient in OKJA Oat Milk:


It’s O-A-T milk, right? So we tried to pack in as much as possible at 14%. A whopping 40% more than our Swedish friends 🙂 That means a richer, creamier mouthfeel and a denser foam for your latte.

Sunflower Oil.

We use a very small amount of unrefined, cold-pressed sunflower oil as a natural emulsifier. It keeps the water and oats blended together to help us achieve such a smooth, creamy texture.  We use so little in fact, that per 100ml, we have less than a gram of fat in our m*lk.


An essential mineral for the human body.

Sea Salt.

Just a pinch to balance out the natural sweetness of the oats.


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2 reviews for The Blend

  1. Eric

    Best blend in Cape Town. I have tried a lot of them over the years and Blue Door just keeps topping the pile.

  2. Eric

    Best blend in Cape Town. Have tried most of them over the years and Blue Door really is good

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