The Cape Classic Latte Art Competition 2019

Jan 13, 2020
Coffee Art Competition Winners

This exciting adventure started in October 2019. It took place over three months, on the first Thursday of every month. Clay Pigeon Trading, hosted it’s first Latte Art event, namely The Cape Classic Latte Art Competition.

Here Baristas from far and wide gathered to take part in this steam-filled, high-pressure battle of the arts!

Round 1

The rules were as follows;

The theme of the coffee art: The Humble Heart.

The heart is simple, but with simplicity comes perfection, symmetry and contrast. The heart is the first picture that a barista pours when they start-out, quickly ‘mastered’, but ultimately forgotten. As the battle began, havoc ensued! Jugs were clinging, milk was flying, heart rates were racing and the tremors settled in… When the dust finally settled, the results were in, Blue Door placed second and third, with Rosetta Coffee, just, just stealing the victory from our grasps!

Round 2

The theme of the coffee art: The Rosetta

A simple yet beautiful art that consists of a constant stream of milk with even wiggles, from left to right, while simultaneously pulling back to create a Christmas tree effect.

The baristas were ready, the unknown factor had been removed… they knew what to expect, and the steaming began. Carnage soon followed…limping, exhaust, we slowly made our way up the hill and into the third position.

Round 3

The theme of the coffee art: Individuality

The rules were free, you could pour whatever you’d like, design vs design, but the question remained… should one play it safe? Or think outside the box?

The art would be judged under the same three categories as the previous evenings; contrast, symmetry and difficulty. The pressure was on, there was a lot riding on us, and unfortunately, Blue Door was slain early in the final round of the competition. With great sorrow, defeated, we awaited the final results!

We then learned that the overall winner’s points were accumulated over the three months of the competition. This little fact gave us a glimmer of hope. A faint light could be seen at the end of the tunnel. The winning cafe would be approached the following week by Clay Pigeon Trading’s very own Ernest Swart, trophy in one hand, camera in the other, ready to congratulate the victor.

There he stood, in between the big blue doors, with a smile from ear to ear … which meant, the victor was here! After tallying up the totals, it was announced that Dewald and Jan placed first and second overall and Blue Door Coffee Roasters claimed victory! With two podium spots no less!

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